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Marcie Hanhart
15 North Maple Avenue
Basking Ridge
New Jersey, 07920
United States
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A Few Highlights
When IBM was in a race to bring Optical Laser Disc* to the marketplace, in the late 70s, they hired Marcie Hanhart to make it happen … and it did!
 (Note: *Optical Laser Disc is the pre-curser of CD-ROM, with many of the same technological attributes and application capabilities as are universally know today) 
When a Multinational Educational Publishing Company needed to energize and manage international development of a breakthrough educational media product,  they chose Marcie to head up their team and she delivered the prototype for the first encyclopedia on CD-ROM!
When a Major US Printing Company decided to establish an electronic media subsidiary to offer a whole new range of products and services, Marcie was brought on as Vice President of Development to create and inspire a multi-disciplined product development operation, which became the first of it’s kind in publishing.  Hiring,  training, systems integration and product delivery were all under her domain.
What Marcie Brings
Marcie Hanhart works with independent business owners of all types of businesses to offer the benefit of her extensive background of having worked both within and for major corporations to create new business models, and as an entrepreneur – having founded and run her own consulting firm as well as having owned and run independent companies with business partners.

Marcie’s experience as an entrepreneur:
"I know first hand – not just what SHOULD be done to improve a business, but more importantly what the challenges and risks are that independent business owners face with every decision.  I’ve been there, and there is a world of difference between knowing what you want to achieve  and being able to accomplish it on your own, as an independent
owner of a business – new or established. That’s where I bring help and facilitate results for the owners with whom I work."
For over 25 years,
Marcie has been recognized for her work in developing new business concepts and streamlining operations to make companies more effective and profitable – from business start-ups,  to established organizations needing to progress to higher level.  Marcie has advised companies from GTE to Pioneer Electronics and Sony North America and has run major projects  from high tech development to consumer applications for companies as diverse as Marconi Avionics in the UK, to Simon & Schuster,  and Bank of America. 
Marcie provides a broad array of services, including:
  • Market identification, development
  • Strategic business & financial planning
  • Business building geared to bottom line profitability 
  • Operations and process improvement
  • Team development and training 
  • Personal focus and accountability for the owner 

Marcie’s approach is "hands-on" and personal:  
   "We start from your Vision.  That’s the key ingredient to drive success.  My role is to understand what  my client really wants from the business. Then we move from there.  Brainstorming and  Stragegic Planning sessions should all spring from that Vision … and then together we shepard  the process to success."

With special experience in Spouse owned and operated businesses.

 Note: Joint spouse operated and owned businesses present a unique set of challenges which can work for or against the business and the marriage. This is largely dependent on the communications and the operations systems put in place, but also on an understanding of the necessary roles of each spouse. With the right set of parameters and attitude in place, success on both sides  – business and marriage – is far more likely. 

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Public Speaking:
Marcie is available for public speaking,.  She has addressed audiences from all over the world and in many countries on a variety of topics for over 3 decades.  Please call for more information!
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Marcie has recently been published in Walking with the Wise, a compilation of articles by business professionals and business mentors, including:  Bill Gates, Brian Tracey, Donald Trump and Zig Ziglar.
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